Mackenzie Knight- Host

Is a published Author her new eBook, Cypress Hill, A Ghostly- Vampire Tale, which has just been released,she is Paranormal Researcher, and Investigator . Radio Personality. She believes that the show is about her guest, she researches them, and reads their books, unlike many in the field today. Mackenzie grew up in a Haunted House, she believes the Ghosts were attachments from Haunted Antiques, throughout the home.

Here is a sneak preview of Cypress Hill.

A twist of fate. Eternal evil. A woman caught between life, heaven, and hell. A love that breaks the boundaries beyond the veil. By all medical standards, Mary Reilly is dead. Lifeless, her body lies on a cold steel gurney in the mortuary. Her ‘inner eyes’ open, discovering her body. Immobile, Mary needs answers and help. Who will believe? With less than 24 hours before oblivion she embarks on a desperate fight for her life – and Jack Traynor must learn more than the ropes at Olympus Lawn Cemetery: He must master the art of survival in confronting an unstoppable terror obsessed with Mary. His destiny is to save Mary from a fate waiting for her in a plot on Cypress Hill. Or is it.

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Cypress Hill available now, please get your copy today! Thank you.

My Interview for Horror News. Net, take a look
My Co-Host Intuitive Tarot Card Reader Amanda Donnelly
Amanda Donnelly has had a lifelong love affair with tarot cards. She gives intuitive readings based in deep and long study of the cards, as well as astrology and runes readings. Amanda is the assistant organizer of the Denver Tarot Meetup, and a proud collector of both esoteric and modern tarot decks. When she is not curating those decks, reading or writing about tarot, Amanda is a yoga junkie and a tries her hand at writing Gothic fantasy and modern fairy tales. Amanda lives in the Mile High City with her husband, a gaggle of kids, and too many cats. She is available for readings and events locally, as well as via Skype, phone, or email. You can read her tarot musings at , like her on Facebook, or follow her on Twitter!/78Whispers.

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