Amanda Donnelly Live! Free Tarot Readings For You Tonight. November 27th at 8pm eastern Amanda Donnelly has had a lifelong love affair with tarot cards. She gives intuitive readings based in deep and long study of the cards..
Kris Bradley- Mrs. B's Guide To Household Wichery Live! December 4th at 8pm eastern live! Kris Bradley, aka "Mrs.B.", is the author of the popular Pagan blog, Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom, featured at A practicing domestic witch for nearing twenty years, Kris is also the author of "Mrs. B.'s Guide to Household Witchery." Kris is an ordained minister, Reiki practitioner and teacher, and certified Chakra therapist. The founder of the Monmouth County Broom and Brew in NJ, Kris has helped establish 18 Broom & Brew groups across the US, in Canada and South Africa. Living in Central NJ with her husband and three children, Kris spends much of her time writing, creating her line of Voodudeâ„¢ poppets, gardening and trying to keep her herd of cats out of trouble. Links: Blog: Website: Facebook Page:
Author Darren Storer Live! The Key Of The Storm We will be talking about Darren's new book , The Key of The Storm.. Darren also has many Psychic experiences he will share with us, that have plagued him since Childhood. You will find these accounts in his book as well. Darren lives in Kent UK, with his Wife Sarah and 4 teenage Children, He is an avid reader and has a huge dislike for television. Visit Darren at-
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Paranormal Thriller Author Barbara Watkins Live! Barbara Watkins resides in Missouri with her husband and loyal boxweiler, Hooch. In her writings, she loves to evoke a false sense of security and expectations, as she leads her reader into a world of the unknown. Her articles on various subjects, short stories, and poetry, have appeared in The Heartland Writers Guild, 2008 New York Skyline Review, and several on-line publications. In 2010, Watkins collaborated with New Zealand director, Dimi Nakov, on a screenplay for a short movie entitled, BlindSide in which her name appears in the films end credits for voice-over monologue. BlindSide has been accepted into the Cannes short film corner, as part of the 65 Festival de Cannes, and the 7 Cyprus International Film Festival 2012. In 2011, Mrs. Watkins novel, 'Hollowing Screams' captured the attention of New Zealand director, Dimi Nakov/Zodiac Entertainment, and she signed on for her book to be adapted to film. Barbara Watkins is a member of The Thriller Writers Association, and The National Writers Association.
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London Knight Live! The Amityville Horror House of Lies.. London Knight, is the 2nd leading Expert on the AmityVille horror house to date.She has spent 13 years investigating the documents of the case, she also has the true crime photos. She has corresponded with DeFeo himself, and speaks only the truth known from documented records reguarding the case. London Knight is the author of many book- From, Americas Most Proclaimed Haunted Places to her new line of teen horror book Unpleasant Nightmares. She travels America in the hunt for what truly lies behind the most proclaimed haunted places. In 2012 she is back on the road with her team H.A.P.S. on more cases for her new book Stranded Paranormal which will be released in late 2012. Play in your default player Download this episode Open in new window
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